FAQs & How-to guide

How do I create a listing?

You can create an ad by clicking on the "publish new" button in the top right corner of the homepage (or in the top right drop-down menu, if you're on a mobile device). Another way is by clicking on the one of the categories and selecting "publish new advertisement."

Do I have to pay to publish a listing?

In order to deter spam on the website, I do charge a small fee to publish.

Can I see a list of the ads that I've published?

Yes, you can see all of your ads by selecting "my listings" in the drop down menu.

How do I search the listings?

Searching is easy! Just click the "search" tab in the top menu, and then you can filter by category and location. You can select more than one category or location.

Can I favorite or bookmark ads that I'm interested in?

Yes, but this feature is only available for logged in users. When you click on an individual ad, you'll see a star icon in the right corner. Selecting the star will move the ad to your "my favorites" list. You can access your favorites by going to the drop down menu in the top right of the main page.

Do I have to pay anything to create an account?

Creating an account is completely free. 

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